Sunday, December 25, 2011


Fred Marks Editor-in-Chief of Who’s Who in the World writes that many famous people have biographies that appear alongside the biography of Phoenix, Arizona’s outstanding martial arts instructor and grandmaster.    

Professor Hausel, hall of fame martial arts
instructor from Arizona, demonstrates a
restraint on Sensei Jason Gies from Chicago
during a jujutsu class at the University
of Wyoming (UW photo).
In the recently published Who’s Who in the World 2012 (29th edition), Catherine, Duchess of Cambridge (Kate Middleton), named one of the 100 Most Influential People in the World in 2011 by Time magazine, Didier Faivre, appointed Director of the Galileo program and navigation-related activities for the European Space Agency, Professional cyclist Cadel Evans, winner of the 2011 Tour de France, Dilma Rousseff, inaugurated in 2011 as the first female President of Brazil, Carolyn S. Miles, newly appointed President and CEO of Save the Children and others’ appear alongside the biography of Arizona Polymath W. Dan Hausel.

Geoscientist Hausel discovers the Grizzly Creek
colored gemstone deposit in Wyoming in 2004.
Hausel is a world-renown Martial Arts Instructor and member of more than a dozen Halls of Fame scattered worldwide. He is a geoscientist, author, public speaker and artist, and in the past worked as a guitarist for some rock n' roll bands and was employed as an astronomer. He also conducted geochemical research on some of the first lunar samples recovered by the Apollo program. But as a geoscientist, he may be best known for his many discoveries.

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